We have written an open letter to MPs about the current national crisis in Eating Disorder services.  Whilst we focus on services in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire as a case study, comments obtained by professionals around the UK echo the urgent need for more resources for them.


The UK currently faces an Eating Disorder Crisis. This was an issue before COVID-19 hit, but the pandemic has made the situation even worse. From our case study on the local services in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire the campaign has learnt: 

  • Referrals are only being accepted for people with severe or extreme Eating Disorders. 

  • Even those referrals accepted face long waiting times of two years for non-urgent referrals.  

  • In a given week 24 patients are waiting for an inpatient bed. 

The situation is similar elsewhere.

Eating Disorder services are almost at breaking point and need urgent support now. Lives are at stake.  



  •  Increase funding into adult community and inpatient services.

  • Set waiting time targets for adult Eating Disorder services (with associated funding), at least equivalent to that of CAMHS Eating Disorders services.

  • Increase the number of beds in inpatient Eating Disorder units across the country.

  • Repeat the adult psychiatric morbidity survey to assess need.

  • Increase Eating Disorder training for all medical professionals, both to increase interest in the profession and to save lives through greater understanding of them. 

  • Increase funding into research to improve treatment.


  • The local CCGs need to evaluate the funding they give to adult Eating Disorders services to improve services and save lives.