We have written a letter to the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University asking the University to provide more support for students with Eating Disorders given the current crisis in local NHS Eating Disorder services. 


Local NHS  Eating Disorder are almost at breaking point, the University of Oxford needs to step in and help its students. 

  • According to the Oxford SU (2016) report at least 5% of the student population experience an eating disorder of some description; meaning approximately 1200 students at Oxford University struggle with an eating disorder

  • Local NHS services are only accepting students with severe or extreme Eating Disorders. Even those students face 2 year waiting times for non-urgent referrals.  

  •  It is important to note that the physical criteria for an individual to be accepted for a referral to Cotswold House eating disorder treatment is the same criteria below which a student fails the Fitness to Study guideline. 

  • Sadly, anecdotal evidence suggests that many students are being lost in the system, left to struggle alone with a lack of trained and knowledgeable staff, insufficient policy in place to manage students with eating disorders of varying severity and no clear path forward for those waiting for NHS treatment. 

  • For University to increase provisions for students with an Eating Disorder, including hiring a dietician. 

  • For the University to establish a peer support group for students with an Eating Disorder. 

  • For the University to increase teaching to medical students on Eating Disorders 

  • For the University to use Beat’s Bridging the gap course to educate staff on Eating Disorders