As one of the College Doctors, I know how difficult it is to get help for our students with disordered eating and to help them to stay safe enough to continue their studies. As College Doctors, we really need help to get our students seen by trained professionals and wonder if there is a way in which the University can work with the mental health teams to increase provision


Eating disorders are a hugely prevalent issue amongst the student population and the current waiting lists in Oxfordshire particularly are so long that people can hugely deteriorate in the time that they are waiting for specialist support. Moreover the stretched services mean that individuals are not even able to access specialist NHS support until they are deemed to have an 'extreme' eating disorder, at which point they may have already gone through a long period of suffering.


As a student who suffers from an eating disorder which I had recovered from until the stress of Oxford set me back to a dark place at square one, I really see the importance of a university help scheme that helps you stop the stress of your degree ruining your eating habit