CAMHS ED Psychiatrist

As an eating disorders clinician I can confirm demand for services is increasing. In CAMHS we are barely keeping pace, but the situation for my patients once they turn 18 really needs attention.”


This affects a lot of my patients who are suffering with disordered eating and who are also studying at school or university - the long wait times mean that they often end up taking time out of their education and this complicates their recovery and fragments their care. 


I have suffered with an eating disorder for many years now and have been directly affected by the underfunding and strain which is upon the adult eating disorder service. The middle ground of not being sick enough to warrant adequate support and help is unbearable. The draw to deteriorate with an illness that is trying to kill you is extremely destructive. The professionals I have had contact with are giving, caring, sensitive people who are caught in a system limiting their ability to do their best for people in need. Please help.