I am Izzy  and I am a DPhil student at Oxford University, and a Stipendiary lecturer at Exeter College (University of Oxford).   I am the Welfare Officer for Oxford Sports Federation Executive and Fundraising officer for Oxford Beat Society.  I am an active fundraiser and campaigner for Beat having suffered and recovered from extreme anorexia nervosa as an undergraduate at Oxford, a condition that almost cost me my life.


I focus on campaigning for both sufferers and careers of people suffering from an Eating Disorder, from my own personal experience, and through listening to the experiences of others.  I have set up this campaign after many months of speaking to MPs from all major political parties in England about the current crisis in Eating Disorder services, with little success. Things need to change, as lives are at stake.  


I'm your point of contact if you would like to find out more about both campaigns and/or want to get more involved in volunteering or advising for the campaign.


My name's Esthy, and I'm a current student at Oxford University and former disabilities representative at St. Catz College. I recognise the deep, life-threatening suffering caused by eating disorders through my own experience of both anorexia and bulimia nervosa and through supporting friends, many of whom have many times been unable to access treatment until they have become severely unwell, one of whom died as a result. Eating disorders are complex illnesses that cannot be measured in severity purely by the number of deaths; they steal away one's quality of life, career, education and relationships. I am determined to help tackle the current inadequate access to healthcare.


I'm your point of contact if you'd like to discuss/find out more about the University Campaign!


Hi, I'm Emily, a second year Medical Student at the University of Oxford. I am passionate about raising awareness of EDs and affecting real change in policy around their treatment. In my spare time, I am a volunteer with Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, providing support and guidance to service users through their webchat, email and peer-support groups. Reflecting my passion for mental health and student wellbeing, I am a trained crisis volunteer for Shout! a free text service providing support for those experiencing a mental health crisis. I am involved with the charity Student Minds, acting as a panel member for the University Mental Health Charter. In this capacity, I was involved in the generation of a workshop aimed at improving the provision of mental health care in higher education, through educating both students and staff members. Through my work with Healthwatch, I am able to identify shortcomings in local services and provide areas of improvement for the coming years.  


Personal lived experience means that I understand the life-limiting impact of severe mental illness. Through my work I hope to increase provision at both a University and national level for their treatment. 


I’m your point of contact if you’d like to discuss our national campaign targeted at improving access to life-saving eating disorder treatment.


 Hello-I’m Róisín! I’ve  been campaigning around mental health and eating disorders for the past eight years, and most memorably having appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Show talking about my experiences with anorexia.


I completed a undergraduate degree in French and German at Oxford,  and then was then elected VP for Welfare and Equal Opportunities at Oxford’s Student Union where I got to continue campaigning on a professional level. I now study Social Policy at the University of York.


Having been in treatment for anorexia since 2012 in various parts of the UK, I know firsthand how important it is to improve services as soon as possible to prevent more people losing years of their lives to this illness.


I am James  and I am the President of the Oxford Beat Society. I started campaigning for Beat in my first term here at university in 2018. Before that time, I had not heard of Beat before, but I had indirect experience of eating disorders as my best friend suffered from bulimia during high school.


Since then, our presence on campus has expanded and the true scale of how eating disorders affect students here has been a humbling revelation for me. I focus on campaigning on behalf of the friends, family and loved ones of people suffering from eating disorders, as well as helping to equip organisations such as First Aid groups with awareness courses about eating disorders and lobbying elected officials to take this issue seriously. I hope my different experience, what it is like experiencing eating disorders from the perspective of a close friend, is a useful input to our campaign.


I'm a third-year classicist at Magdalen College (Oxford University), passionate about student welfare and mental health as well as charity shopping and drinking far too much coffee.

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I’m Rachael, a final year medical student at the University of Manchester, and I have a strong academic and personal interest in psychiatry. Eating disorders are amongst the most poorly understood psychiatric illnesses; yet, their prevalence is ever increasing, and their impact is catastrophic, with a high mortality rate.


My hope is to increase awareness and education around eating disorders, particularly amongst medical students, who will be the future doctors of ED sufferers, and who themselves are a particularly high-risk group for EDs. I want to facilitate the empowerment of people to recognise the symptoms and access treatment, whether it be to help themselves or others. In my spare time, I love to hike, particularly in the Lake District!